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Used Skylab https://www.facebook.com/akepanich/

Jun 22, 2014   //   by skylab   //   used-skylab  //  5 Comments

More Updated List Visit : https://www.facebook.com/akepanich/


List of used Skylab from Ake Panich

Item No.120 Used Skylab Japan 110cc Special Price Baht 39,900 from Baht 61,000.
Call +66 42-223716 or +66 88-5561864


Item No.002 Used Skylab Special Price Baht 28,000. Call +66 42-223716 or +66 88-5561864


Item No. 451 Used Singha Twins Skylab 150cc Special Price Baht 42,900 from Baht 61,000.
Call +66 42-223716 or +66 88-5571864



  • Hello, Ihave tried to contact you but is not possible using contact on your site. I am looking for a skylab shaft drive. But I want it with a stronger motor so it can faster, may be 80 km/h. May be you can do.
    Regards V. Hilberg

    • Sir, very very wrong of me. Our website has had some complication of late. Our new channel will be our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/akepanich/
      Anyhow, for bigger motor, apart from our 150cc and 200cc motorcycle engine, we have 3-cylinder daihatsu engine 650cc displacement motor as well. Although it is overhauled engine (as it is rather impossible to get a hand on brandnew engine in a country like thailand), spare parts are relatively easy to find since it has been a very popular model engine for bangkok and chiangmai tuktuk for decades. Skylab with 650cc engine comes with very strong suspension and chasis and broader tires at a modest price of 95,000 thai baht, sir.
      For more information, you can contact me directly. My name is Poc, and my phone number is 081-954-7138.

  • Could you deliver to Vientiane Laos?

  • Hello Sir
    I wonder what you got in your second hand shop of trikes, and prices?

    Best regards

    Bengt Lantz

    • Mr Lantz sir,
      We usually update our secondhand tuktuk list in our facebook page. Here is the link below, sir:

      very truly yours,

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