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Issan Way with Skylab Tuktuk

Aug 16, 2016   //   by skylab   //   Tuktuk News  //  No Comments

Isaan Way

Our part of Thailand, Isaan (from North-eastern in Sanskrit), particularly has very close relation with tuk tuk. However, as Bangkokian majorly use tuk tuk as a mean of public transport, ours have more variation and merge more closely with local’s way of life. Tuk tuk skylabs here are used as family car, vendor, advertiser, school bus, police vehicle, firefighter, and so-on. In this article, we will present to you many of the example how locals of Isaan use Skylab.

santa clause in thailand does ride a very unique sleigh

santa clause in thailand does ride a very unique sleigh. (cr our beloved customer in chiangmai)

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a huge city with fascinating nature and city life. It also has some of the most creative people in Thailand. Our customer loves to dress as a Santa Clause and pay children around Chiang Mai visit during Christmas time.

tuk tuk skylab samlor carries pizza to your door.

very unique way to deliver pizza to customers in Isaan using tuk tuk or skylab samlor.

Nong Khai

Nong Khai is another city, where Skylab Tuk tuks flourish. There are hundreds of firms that take Tuk tuk skylab as their mean of micro-transportation. And one of them is Thailand most famous pizza restaurant, the pizza company. We order-made the pizza company this 150cc Skylab Tuk tuk with container at the back. This is a very cost-efficient solution and also a good way to commute in narrow streets.

Chinese culture blends in Isaan way and initiate our idea on designing this tuk tuk skylab samlor

red tuk tuk skylab criser represents traditional Chinese culture blended in most parts of Isaan city.

Udon Thani

Chinese culture can be found blended in most parts of Thailand, Isaan included. Chinese new year festival inspires us to create this particular model which resemble Chinese horse carriage in red, the color of luck and prosperity.

There are many more to come in our next episode of  “Tuk Tuk , Skylab , and How Thai people use them ”

Stay tuned and Peace!!!

Tuk Tuk Food Truck Boom in Thailand

Jul 4, 2016   //   by skylab   //   Tuktuk News  //  No Comments

Food Truck on the Rise is very true in many countries at the very moment. We are rather fed up with traditional sit-and-bite type of treat. More outdoor-based, food truck, is currently gaining popularity all over the world. In Thailand, we take a look at a more unique way to enjoy the atmosphere: tuk tuk food truck.

Fruit vendor mobilized

our first fruit vendor prototype as another convenient way to mobilize shop.








Mobilized Ramen shop

Japanese food on 3 wheels. What can beat that!?!








Mobilized coffee shop on tuk tuk skylab

Coffee shop on the rise. Coffee shop on Tuk tuk is the best.