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About APN

Udon Ake Panich Part., Ltd.(APN) or Ake Pa Nich is located at Ake Pa Nich building 117/2-4 Prajack Rd., Muang, Udonthani, Thailand, 41000. Our company produces and sells “Skylab” under the make ‘APN’ and the logo ‘Tiger’. The company is the largest and most standard Skylab manufacturer in the Northeastern part of Thailand.


Ake Panich was founded by Mr.Narong Utranusorn in 1978. Through his long experience in selling and renting traditional rickshaws and three wheelers, he saw an opportunity to improve the performance of these three wheeled vehicles. He tried to modify the traditional rickshaws by installing motors and adjusting their appearance and performance according to the market demand. The first Skylab or Sport Tuk Tuk was launched in July 1978 and then it became popular rapidly in the northeast. At present, Skylab is considerably developed to be much more fashionable, more standard, and fitting customers’ demand better. Our market has expanded to the other parts of Thailand and foreign countries.

The company was found by Mr.Narong Utranusorn in 1978. At the beginning, he modified to put a motor in a three-wheeler and tried to improve it as the customers’ demand. At that time this vehicle was generally called “Skylab”.

The versatile and economic vehicle, Skylab also helps our customers to have better living. Moreover, with the manufacturer based in Udon Thani in the northeastern part of Thailand, where the average income of people is the lowest in Thailand, we have created a lot of jobs for the local people. Our employees and their families all have better lives.

For almost 30 years of our experience specializing in Skylab, we have committed ourselves to always provide good products with great quality and after-sales services. We pay a great attention on every production process with high experienced engineer and mechanic teams. In addition, we continue improving products and are always ready for providing excellent services for the customers. With these reasons, Skylabs by APN have been voted the No.1 Skylab or Sport Tuk-Tuk in Thailand for 30 years.